Sweater Set

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sweatersetHere is a new sweater set for men that I think you’ll like. It is much harder than I had thought it would be to work on mens’ clothing. But I think you will enjoy them.  The model is available on the Sims 4 Gallery, under Naydi33. Look for Clint Gifford.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Davi_mensweaterothersweaters

Black Textured Hair for TS4

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There is and always has been a dearth of hairstyles for Black Sims. Luckily the hair makers are addressing the issue…removing the shine from straight hair, realistic short hair textures, curls, naps, dreads. This website is starting to offer some hair for your Sims of color. Enjoy. Sim Culture Nationsimculturenationsample

First Set of Identical Twins

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FirstidenticaltwinsMy very first set of identical twins. Previously, they have all been fraternal. Luckily for me, the game gave them appropriate names, because I was playing another family  when they were born. They are the daughters of townie Chaya Mack and my Sim Gresham Colbert who had just married Bethany Mourni-Watson and could not wait to cheat on her with the first neighbor that happened by. It is now pretty ugly, and I don’t know yet if Gresham will be able to visit his daughters and what Bethany’s reaction will be. You can’t deny, however, how cute these girls are.

Black and Blue Suits

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Special request recolor…shared with you all. The zip file contains both the jacket and the pants.  Download Here: Davinia_AFpantsuit pantsuit



Chevron Marble Wall Tiles

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Here are some really high-end wall tiles for your contemporary bathrooms. The oh-so-current chevron style is rendered in beautiful marble. Download here:


Unzip the file and place the .package file into your Mods folder.

Chevron Marble wall tile

Chevron Marble wall tile

Dying from Happiness

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Once upon a time, my third generation Sim, young Joshua Mourni grew up with his twin sister, Lynn, and baby sister, Kristina in a house filled with love…his mother, Celeste and his two dads, Steven and Daniel. Joshua was a good person, excelling in the mischievous category, with a genius IQ. When he transitioned from Teen to Young Adult, he met and married Pam Northman. They were very much in love, and settled into a nice 1-bedroom home in the first cul-de-sac in Willow Springs.

They had a lovely wedding in the park, attended by their extended family (Mom, the two Dads, all the siblings and extra-marital siblings and their mothers, and lots of nieces and nephews). After the ceremony, the newlyweds had dinner, took a nap, took care of all their other needs (full up green) and then went to consummate their union. After the first woohoo, Joshua was feeling extra confident and extremely happy. He got up from the marriage bed, bopped into the study to write a few jokes for his budding stand-up comedy career, when he suddenly leaped from his chair, began laughing hysterically, fell to the floor unconscious…

and then died.died

Poor Pam, the beautiful widow, slept through the whole thing. She buried her husband out behind their house. When she moved, she put his grave into her inventory so they would be together always. She is now married to Rexwell St. John, a neighbor, and they are the parents of twins Elizabeth and Brandon St. John.

New City Shorts !

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Download Here: Naydi33_AFLooseShortsPrint

This is a recolor of the Maxis Loose Shorts. There are four fun prints that still give a sophisticated polish to your fashion-forward Sim.



cityshortsall cityshortsmain ingamecatalogview





Two Up-to-date Pencil Dresses

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Naydi33_AFPrintdressB  (Download)

bluprint  goldprint

Two polished and vibrant pencil dresses.
Two polished and vibrant pencil dresses.

Legacy Challenge Ends in Generation 3

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Unfortunately, my game crashed, my saves were lost, and my legacy family has disappeared completely.  My founder is in my Origin library, but everyone else is gone.

Right now I am preparing to start a new kind of challenge: the Sims 4 Room Challenge, wherein you build an 8X8 house with no door, and your single Sim (with no Sim contact) strives to survive and become a Mansion Baron.  It was going great with my Sim Mira Solo, until she crashed, and all was lost. I have to remember to save often, manually, because the auto-save…doesn’t.

New Cocktail Dresses: 8 Colors

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I have always liked the mesh for the striped tank dress, but wished it were more versatile. Therefore I recolored it, removing the stripes and adding a sequined bodice to make it appropriate for parties and formal events.  Download it from my page at ModtheSims.MTS_Davinia-1473504-newbrowndress

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